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Beam Section Library
ANSYS Mechanical Introduction
Dec 2nd - 3rd, 2014

The British Steel Beam Section Library from CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. provides users with a customised graphical user interface (GUI) that greatly simplifies the method of creating beams in ANSYS. The Library incorporates a majority of British Steel beam sections from Universal beams to Parallel Flange Channels.

Companies using British Steel Beam Sections for analyses will find this an extremely useful tool with a nested toolbar offering a quick and easy way of introducing beams into ANSYS.

The Sections button on the ANSYS toolbar offers instant access to most types of British Steel beam sections. Each type of beam section has an index offering all of its variable dimensions. Once selected the Beam Section Library will provide several key variables for the chosen beam; Real Section Identification allows sections to be assigned an identification number that provides ease of use when using more than one beam in a model.

The Library offers a choice of beam types between a structural beam 188 or 44. It also provides a choice of units to work in and allows a choice of beam offsets, from centroid, shear centre, origin and user defined. All of these features have been provided to minimise the time taken to put beams into ANSYS.

The Beam Section Library has also been designed for use without the GUI. Each section has been implemented as a macro within ANSYS so that it can be used within text input files or at the command line.

Beam Section Library - Product Features

User Interface

Beam Library Variables

Once the Library has been installed, the sections button will appear in the ANSYS Toolbar, the rest is easy.

The British Steel Beam Section Library is available, solely from CADFEM UK CAE Ltd., for £395.


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