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Case Studies
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Welcome to the CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. Case Study Archive - these case studies only represent a sample of CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. consulting and ANSYS case studies so if you are interested in applications of analysis to your industry and can't find them here, contact us.


 CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. Consulting Case Studies
ITER In Vessel Viewing System case study

In-Vessel Viewing System Analysis

Having recently developed a harmonious working relationship with ITER, CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were contracted to carried out an extensive simulation analysis of the In-Vessel Viewing System (IVVS).

The In-Vessel Viewing System (IVVS) will be one of the essential machine diagnostic systems at ITER to provide information about the status of in-vessel and plasma facing components and to evaluate the dust inside the Vacuum Vessel. More

SMS Mevac UK Ltd
CFD Analysis of a Fixed Fume Extraction Hood

SMS Mevac UK Limited required a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of a Fixed Fume Extraction Hood in order to understand the flow inside the hood, with a view to optimising its design. More

SPX Process Engineering Ltd
Structural Analysis of a Flange Assembly for a Hyundai Filter

SPX required CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to carry out a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to establish if the designed filter flange would be able to withstand an increased design pressure. More

Whittaker Engineering
Structural Analysis of Captain FPSO Lower Fairleads

Structural analyses to be conducted on Fairlead design, to investigate the cause of failure in the bolts and to evaluate the work that would be required to prolong the Fairleads life. More

Read full article detailing our Dynamic Lift Analysis

Hayward Tyler
CFD and Structural FEA Analyses on a Pump Case

CFD and FEA analysis of a pump casing which was required to be able to withstand a temperature increase of 56ºC in 3 seconds. More

Read full article detailing our Dynamic Lift Analysis

Cathelco Ltd
Dynamic Lift Analysis

Cathelco is the world leader in Seawater Pipework Anti Fouling (AF) and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems (ICCP). Cathelco required CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to carry out a dynamic analysis of an enclosure containing a Transformer Rectifier (TR) Unit. All equipment being lifted must have design calculations carried out which take into account a Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF) to cover all global dynamic load effects. More

Read full article of the 3D Design Optimisation of a Wind Turbine Blade

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. conducts a 3D Design Optimisation of a Wind Turbine Blade using ANSYS CFX and DesignXplorer

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. carried out CFD analyses to optimize a blade design, in order to increase the torque being applied on the blade at a specific rotation speed, hence increasing the power output of the wind turbine. More

Read full article of the Buckling Analysis of a Condensate Storage Tank

Buckling Analysis of a Condensate Storage Tank

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. carried out structural FE analyses, using ANSYS, of a condensate storage tank design incorporating the frangible roof joints. The objective of the analysis was to evaluate whether, or not, the roof/curb joint would fail before the floor/wall joint. More

Read full article of the Optimised Design of IPP Drive Support Structure

Piper Test and Measurement Ltd & Siemens AG
Optimised Design of IPP Drive Support Structure

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required by Piper Test and Measurement to carry out Finite Element Analyses (FEA) to evaluate the design of a support structure for the braking system. More

Read full article of the Blast Vent Panel Explicit Dynamics Analysis

D J Goode
Blast Vent Panel Explicit Dynamics Analysis

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required to demonstrate how an explicit dynamic analysis could be carried out on a model of a steel vent panel made using pressed steel sections, and being subjected to an internal blast load. More

Whittaker engineering - Static & Impact Structural Analysis of a Deployment Skid

Whittaker Engineering
Static and Impact Structural Analysis of a Deployment Skid

A Deployment Skid is a frame which is used to lift equipment from a vessel onto a rig. The Deployment Skid analysed in this project was required to lift Subsea Control Modules (SCM) and Module Running Tools (MRT). Both the SCM and MRT contain electronics, instrumentation and hydraulics, so it is imperative that they are transported safely with minimum displacement. More

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Nova Design
Linear & Nonlinear Static Analyses

The work supplied by NOVA, often at short notice, presented CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. with many challenges in terms of logistics and flexibility due to the quantity of work. Simon Parry of Nova Design says "CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. have been able to provide NOVA with a consistently high quality service providing a quick turnaround for the analyses they have carried out. Our satisfaction with the results and service provided by CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. has ensured our return custom time and time again". More

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Atkins Process Limited
Induction Heating of Steel Pipe

As one of the world’s leading engineering and design consultancies, Atkins applies and delivers technical excellence across the lifecycle of oil and gas facilities. Its proven experience allows the company to serve a diverse range of industries, including oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceuticals, semi conductors, steel, iron and cement. More

Read more about Laminated Rotor Design Optimisation

Laminated Rotor Design Optimisation

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required by their client to carry out a prototype design investigation of a laminated rotor to be used in an automotive hydraulic steering system in a car. A series of analyses were carried out on various rotor designs. The client was provided with results of analyses carried out on many design and loading combinations. More

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Automated Optimisation of Connecting Rod

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required by their client to develop automated macros to carry out design optimisation of connecting rods using the ANSYS program. Due to market competitiveness it was important for the client to be able to produce an optimised preliminary design (with a minimum weight in as short a time as possible). The objective of the work was to develop a customised procedure for the client to carry out rapid optimisation of preliminary connecting rod designs. More

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AB Electronic
Structural Analysis of Clip Assembly

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required by AB Electronic to carry out an FE analysis on a new design of a clip to be used in the automotive industry. The reliability of the new design and the flexibility of the components within the clip assembly were to be determined. In order to check the reliability of the clip the assembly load had to be established. An assembly load in the region of 50N was required for optimum usability. More

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Escalator Step Analysis

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required by Nexus to carry out an FE analysis to determine the stress levels and fatigue life of 2 step designs, in accordance with BS EN 115: 1995. Finite element analyses were performed to test the escalator steps under a range of working loads, including passenger and torsional loading. Fatigue assessments were then carried out. More

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Noel Village (Steel Founder) Ltd
Stress & Fatigue Analysis of a Rope Thimble

Noel Village required an evaluation of the structural integrity of a new Thimble design and as such commissioned CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to conduct some nonlinear structural analyses of the Thimble design. The thimble was subjected to the minimum breaking load (MBL), a fatigue load case and a Stern Roller load case via a synthetic fibre rope. The analyses were conducted as structural static analyses with nonlinear contact behaviour. More

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Glenfield Valves
Valve Vibration Analysis

Vibrations were registered and measured on site, while in operations in the Middle East. It was found that as the valve was being opened, there was an audible buzzing noise. Glenfield approached CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to conduct a FEA vibration analysis on a valve. More

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Quintas and Quintas Offshore
Structural Analysis of a Rope Spool Assembly

The objective of the finite element analysis was to investigate the structural response of the assembly under the minimum breaking load (MBL) of the rope. This allowed the most critical locations, stresses and strains in the spool to be identified for the structural and fatigue assessments. More

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Stannah Lifts Ltd
Structural Analysis of a Shaft Lift Structure

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required to investigate the structural response of the assembly subjected to these new loading conditions. More

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Structural Analysis of a Temporary Access Platform

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required to carry out a linear structural analysis of the access platform and check the safety factors. CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. created two 3D models of the platform in AutoDesk Inventor CAD system to represent two configurations of the platform; legs forward and legs back. More

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Nuvia Ltd
Dynamic Analysis of Irradiated Fuel Containers

The aim of this analysis was to determine whether an accidental drop of the assembly would cause a loss of containment of the payload from the system. More

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First Subsea
Indentation Vs Torque Investigation

The analyses provide the design engineers at First Subsea with confidence and insight into the performance of new designs. More

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South Midlands Communications Ltd
Macro Development for a Structural Analysis of a Telescopic Mast

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. have created an ANSYS application for SMC enabling their Engineers and Project Managers to run full and rapid three-dimensional nonlinear structural analyses, by. More

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Whittaker Engineering
CFD Design and Analysis of a Gas Damper

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were contracted to verify and modify the design of the outlet nozzles by using CFD techniques. More

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Cussons Technology Ltd
Sway Carriage Analysis

Cussons Technology required CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to evaluate the design of the sway carriage assembly using finite element analysis (FEA). The analyses were carried out using the FEA software suite ANSYS Workbench. More

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Hussey Seatway Ltd
Deflection and Vibration Analysis of Auditorium Seating

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required to analyse the structural integrity of the seating system in accordance with the deflections and vibrations criteria as specified by the National Building Code of Canada 1985. More

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Whittaker Engineering
Design and Analysis of a North Sea FPSO Turret Rail Repair Scheme

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required to provide FEA work in order to verify the repair scheme. Three different phases to this work were considered. More

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First Subsea (formerly BSW Ballgrab)
Structural Analysis and Fatigue Assessment of a Subsea Mooring Line Connector

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. and First Subsea have worked closely together on a number of projects covering a wide range of designs and load cases. The use of FEA allows First Subsea to not only optimise their designs but to also prove their load carrying capacity and fatigue life. More

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Impact Analysis of a Golf Ball

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. predict the impacted behaviour of a golf ball containing a wide-band microwave transmitter unit. More

Metso Minerals
Rotary Railcar Dumpers Analysis

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. was approached to carry out the finite element analysis work using ANSYS for three separate design projects of rotary railcar dumpers to evaluate the stress and displacement levels at different operational and extreme positions and conditions. More

WSP Enviromental
Evaluation of wind comfort levels around building developments

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. have carried out several wind engineering analyses using the ANSYS CFD capabilities for many large development projects for WSP Environmental. One such project has been the prestigious Shanghai Plaza. A major commercial office and entertainment complex. More

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Satellite Antenna Structural Analysis

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. was tasked with conducting a Linear Static Structural Analysis of two satellite antennas for HITEC. Both designs, namely VINA and GTTC, are built with the purpose of ground tracking the European version of the GPS constellation. More

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National Physical Laboratory
Parametric Calibration Analysis of an Atomic Force Microscope

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. created a parametric model using ANSYS where the AFM probe was modelled by means of 8- noded 3D elements with large strain large deflection capability. The top surface of the cantilever was then coated with 4 noded shell elements to simulate the 30-50 nm thick layer which coats the device. More

LB Bentley
Nonlinear Structural Analysis of a Small Bore Subsea Gate Valve for LB Bentley Ltd

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were contracted to to validate and assist in the development of a new metal seal that would set new precedents in terms of product performance. More

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Alvis Vickers Ltd
MRAV Full Vehicle Driving, Transportation and Recovery Analyses

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were contracted to assist in the analysis of the MRAV.
The object of the analysis was to determine the suitability of the vehicle structure for some 75 load cases to simulate the operational loads that are applied to the vehicle. More

Expro North Sea Ltd.
Nonlinear Structural Analysis of an Open Water Lubricator Valve

The subject of this work was to evaluate the structural integrity of the external components of an Open Water Lubricator Valve, under extreme operational and testing loads, in accordance with the ISO/DIS 13628-7 standard. More

Mabey Hire
Buckling Analysis of a Temporary Strut Support

Creation of a bespoke macro to calculate the buckling loads of temporary strut supports, allowing many configurations and design options to be investigated. More

Structural Analysis of Replacement Knee Design

Analysis project undertaken by CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to investigate two sizes of a replacement knee design at different angles of articulation using the general purpose finite element software ANSYS. More

Whittaker Engineering
Gypsy Wheel Structural Analysis

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. was approached by Whittaker Engineering to validate the structural integrity of a newly designed Gypsy Wheel using Finite Element Analysis. More

CCM Motorcycles
Headlamp Mounting Analysis

Analysis project undertaken by CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to investigate the design and support capability of a load far in excess of the load that would be expected in normal service. More

Drop Test Analysis of an AVANTIX Mobile Chip and Pin Machine

This month CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. are highlighting the use of a Drop Test Analysis on a Mobile Chip & Pin Machine. The Advantix Mobile, which has been designed for issuing tickets whilst on the move, needs to be very robust and reliable. As such there is a need to verify that if the ticket collector drops the handheld device it would continue to work. See how CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. and the use of ANSYS FEA software resulted in significant cost and time-scale saving. More

Capoco Design
Side Impact Analysis of a Passenger Bus using ANSYS/LS-DYNA

Analysis project undertaken by CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to evaluate energy absorption and intrusion during a side impact of a passenger bus. More

British Petroleum (BP)
Pig Analysis

This analyses allow BP to investigate loading scenarios without having to construct additional expensive test facilities. For example, they have been used to determine the largest feasible load that would be experienced by the pig, so that an equivalent drop test of the pig may be performed to verify its integrity. More

Martin Baker
Sikorsky S-92 Armoured Crew Seat Analysis

Analysis project undertaken by CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to investigate the structural behaviour of an armoured crew seat for the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter. More

Whittaker Engineering
FPSO Turret Rail Gripper Analysis

Analysis project undertaken by CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to assess the effect of design changes on an FPSO anchor turret gripper. More

Bridon International
Contact Analysis

Validation project undertaken by CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to perform a nonlinear structural contact analysis of cast sockets for steel ropes. More

Britten Norman
Buckling Analysis

Aircraft Fuselage Buckling Analysis using ANSYS. More

Nonlinear Contact Analysis

Insertion of a Duraloc Un-cemented Acetabular Hip socket into the pelvic bone using ANSYS. More

Senior Flexonics
Structural Analysis

60 inch, Stainless Steel Expansion Joint - Thermal & Structural Analyses with ANSYS. More

UCL - Optical Science Laboratory
Thermal Transient Analysis

Thermal Transient Analysis of a High Resolution Optical Spectrograph using ANSYS. (Details advantages of using the powerful ANSYS Parametric Design Language). More

W T Henley
Design Optimisation of Plastic Holding Tool

Optimisation project undertaken by CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to perform a structural analysis and design of a plastic holding tool design, for W T Henley Ltd.  More

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. Consultancy Capabilities
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2D model of a Vertical Wind Turbine

Velocity contour generated by the interaction between a rotating wind turbine and the wind. The simulation is made in Ansys Fluent and the flow field is obtained as a combination of a stationary domain and a moving mesh inside with a simple wind turbine model.

View animation

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Free surface movement of liquid fluid in a tank under an horizontal acceleration. The animation shows the interaction between the fluid and two baffle plates.

View animation

Transonic Flow Around a 2D Airfoil

This animation shows the pressure of the flow field generated by a transonic flow around a 2D airfoil. To better capture the shockwave the Ansys Fluent mesh adaptation tool was used. Depending on a specific parameter (the pressure gradient, in this case) the mesh was refined only in some locations in order to improve the quality of the solution.

View animation

Water Boiling

The animation shows a container of water at the temperature near the boiling point. The temperature of a portion of the bottom wall is above the water boiling temperature. Because of the heat transfer between the wall and the fluid, vapor bubbles form and rise due to the buoyancy. The vapor escapes through the free surface.

View animation

Click to view full simulation animation

Animation of a Multiphase Analysis Using ANSYS Fluent

Fluid flow using ANSYS Fluent software to simulate
liquid movement down through a pipe towards and filling a generic tank

View animation

Modeling moving walls in CFD: Transient simulation with moving meshes

Consider the scenario where we want to know the flow field around two objects as they approach each other. Instead of keeping the model as a single domain, we can split the model such that each object is contained within a separate domain. Then in ANSYS CFX using Regions of Specified Motion, we can assign each domain a velocity V1 and V2, while also having them speak to each other via a Domain Interface. More

Fire Simulation and Risk Modeling

Fire engineering and risk assessment are integral parts of the design process within the Built Environment industry. Besides the obvious structural design, today's buildings pay special attention to designing a comfortable atmosphere for inhabitants, be it in terms of acoustic noise, sunlight or dispersal of dust particles exiting an air conditioning duct. Predicting temperatures and convection flow fields within an open plan office are typical engineering parameters that most designers are concerned with these days. In certain circumstances however, CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. have been involved with modelling more severe scenarios such as fire and smoke dispersal. More

Analysis using ANSYS LS-DYNA

BP scraper Pig Analysis

This ANSYS LS-DYNA analysis demonstrates that a scraper pig, which is used to clean oil and gas pipelines, can negotiate a check valve. The forces generated between the pig and the clapper and between the clapper and the valve body are also evaluated to check the integrity of the assembly. Other analyses also show whether elongated pigs can negotiate wye pieces. More

This structural and fluidic problem has been solved using fluid-structure interaction (FSI) in ANSYS

Electromagnetic Beam Analysis

The top half of the window shows an electro-mechanical beam used as MEMS switch deflected by a differential voltage applied to the transducer elements underneath the switch. The movement is damped by air which flows through the two holes and the sides. The structural and fluidic problem has been solved using fluid-structure interaction (FSI) in ANSYS.

This is a parametric model of a woven composite fabric

Parametric Composite Analysis

This is a parametric model of a woven composite fabric. This would be included in an ANSYS Composite Module. It represents a 2x2 unit cell twill fabric, which is the minimum repeatable unit of a fabric, made of fibres woven in two directions embedded in resin.

IDAC Featured Publications
Read More

Cad User Magazine - August/September 2007: Socket to me!
Picking up the thread with CADFEM UK CAE Ltd.

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. uses Ansys/Mechanical 6.0 Finite Element Analysis software to validate Bridon Internationl's design for steel rope terminations, used to anchor offshore platforms

Bridon's Doncaster operation required a structural contact of some steel rope terminations for anchoring offshore plateforms before casting could take place. CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. was engaged to perform the solid modelling and nonlinear structural analysis of the designs. More

ANSYS Case Studies

Buckling Analysis

Well known for its racing brakes, Alcon Ltd has been tentatively exploring the world of clutches. The fruits of these efforts is a new range of racing units designed with the aid of ANSYS/DesignSpace. More

Siemens Power Generation
'Up-Front' Turbine Structural Simulation with DesignSpace

Rapid validation of design solutions is critical in the 'Refurbishment of Steam Turbine' market. ANSYS/DesignSpace is used by Siemens to optimise design performance.  More

Tusas Engine Industries, Inc.

Tusas Engine Industries, Inc.

Tusas Engine Industries, Inc. (TEI) is a leader in developing and producing a range of high-quality aircraft engine parts for the worldwide aerospace industry. In developing the Tusas TEI-TJ-1X microjet engine used in unmanned air vehicle (UAV) applications such as target drones, the company needed to design a radial compressor impeller that was compact, lightweight and capable of reaching rotational speeds in the order of 100,000 rpm. More

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ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS Workbench

As an ambitious engineering company, ALLCAD provides services in CAx technologies and projecting of machine and plant manufacturing.

Companies use ALLCAD for its up-to-date knowledge, efficiency and consultant capabilities for the customer's benefit. More

Read More

Pi Makina - Turkey
Using ANSYS to easily accomplish design problems

As our business with other companies develops, customers today require higher quality products — in the construction world, that translates to more robust machines. More

Read More

Bühler Motor Group - Germany
ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS Emag and ANSYS Structural

Bühler Motor Group is a global enterprise focused on developing and manufacturing sophisticated mechatronic DC drive solutions.

The aim is to decrease time required for design and development. More

Read More

Whirlpool Corporation SA
Keeping Costs Down While Keeping quality High

Global competition in the appliance industry is placing ever increasing pressure on manufacturers to decrease costs while maintaining high quality. When Whirlpool Corporation looked to cut costs associated with producing a three-year-old, 450-liter double-door refrigerator, it needed to continue to meet the specific cabinet deflection and door drop limits of its current design; it also needed to maintain adequate cabinet stiffness. More

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Going With The Flow
Predicting air flow in healthy and diseased lungs using CFD

Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) combined with the data from a computed tomography (CT) scan aid in understanding the air flow in healthy and diseased lungs by simulating a virtual patient population. Flow patterns, relative pressure drops and drug delivery profiles are readily extracted from the simulation results. More

Lightening the load on aerospace design

Reducing the weight of an aircraft lighting pod while 'keeping an eye' on the vibrational characteristics of new component designs with DesignSpace. More

London Eye
Fast Track Structural Design of the London Eye Ferris Wheel

Rapid lead time structural design of the British Airways London Eye Ferris Wheel using ANSYS Finite Element Analysis Software. More


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