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LB Bentley
Nonlinear Structural Analysis of a
Small Bore Subsea Gate Valve
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Company Profile

L B Bentley is a specialist engineering company who develop and manufacture creative and innovative product solutions for two specific markets:

  • Offshore Oil and Gas Industry – Small bore subsea gate valves (rated up to 16,500 PSI) for installation in subsea wellheads and manifold systems in water depths down to 3 kilometres.
  • High Pressure Gas and Air Market – High pressure filters and dryers to remove moisture and particulates from various gases typically used in defence, power generation, breathing air and research applications. Both markets involve the control of very high pressures in environments that demand total product integrity and reliability over very long periods of time.

Description of Work

The objective of this project was to validate and assist in the development of a new metal seal that would set new precedents in terms of product performance.

Simulation Details

LB Bentley specified that they were particularly interested in the effect that subtle variations in seal tolerance had on the ultimate reliability of the valve performance under various severe temperature and pressure loading conditions.


The main benefit to LB Bentley in commissioning CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to investigate the performance of the valve seal design was that they were able to improve its performance to a level that passed severe pressure test conditions specified by their customer. The resulting product was accepted by LB Bentley’s customer and subsequent orders were confirmed.

Other benefits to LB Bentley included a broader understanding of metal to metal seal behaviour which will positively contribute to successful future product development and an analysis methodology that can be swiftly reapplied as and when future projects demand it.

Customer Statement

"We contacted CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. when we experienced problems testing a new design of Metal Seal. We were very grateful for the speed of their response and their helpful and professional attitude. The results that they provided assisted in the “fine-tuning” of the design of the seal and greatly contributed to the success of the project. Subsequent testing of the seal provided results that correlated very closely with the calculated figures. The Metal Seal is now incorporated into our range of Rotary Gate Valves"

- John Drew
Engineering Manager at LB Bentley




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